The Callers Black Book


Welcome to the Callers Black Book. We look forward to having you join the Medallion Club by obtaining signatures of your favorite callers.

Here's how the program works:

  1. Obtain 75 signatures and you earn a Bronze Medallion
  2. Obtain 125 signatures and you earn a Silver Medallion
  3. Obtain 200 signatures and you earn a Gold Medallion
  4. Obtain 250 signatures and you earn a Platnimum Medallion

Gold Medallion winners become members of the "Black Book Club," whereupon you will receive an engraved badge with your name on it.

Those who reach Platinum status will also receive a Platinum Badge, signifying that you have earned the highest honor in the program.

Simply fill out the "achievement page" as you reach each status, and dangles and/or badges will be shipped to you at no charge.

This program works on the "honor system," and we wish you luck as you earn your medallions!

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Ken Ritucci
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