About the Caller Schools

Ken is owner of some of the most successful schools in the nation. All of his schools offer a full CALLERLAB Curriculum. The Northeast Callers School is held each year on Columbus Day weekend and was recently held in October of 2018 with 37 students attending. It is held in Sturbridge Massachusetts each year. Ken has also had schools in California, Minnesota and Atlanta.

Ken has had Callers Schools in Germany and Russia..

The next Northeast Callers School will be held October 10-14, 2019.

Ken's schools have the most professional and competent staff members in the world. Each school is broken down into different groups based on the callers experience. Whether you have never picked up a microphone or have been calling for 30 years or more, Ken's schools have the experience and knowledge to challenge you and help you become a more accomplished caller.

Thinking of attending a Callers School in 2019? Contact Ken, space is limited and the schools do fill up.  Whether you are just getting started, or want to improve your calling career, our schools will provide you with the tools to make you a successful caller.

The calling school staff members have decades of calling experience between them.  Together, they have the knowledge and leadership to assist you with your career.

Most of the schools offer the following programs:

Three Levels of Programs

Our caller schools offer up to three program levels of instruction:

  1. Beginners Level: Designed for brand new callers who need all the basics, including basic choreography, microphone technique, voice control and introduction to Music and Rhythm.Discussion on the proper use of equipment, including exposure to Digital Music.

  2. Intermediate Level: For callers with experience between one to 4 four years, emphasis will be on Beginner Sight calling Techniques, better timing and body flow as well as Creative Choreography plus much more.

  3. Experienced Level: For callers who have been calling five years or more. Emphasis will be on Advanced Sight calling Techniques, more intricate ways to resolve a square, being exposed to the Crams Method of Choreographic Control. A clear understand of Timing and Smooth Body Flow as well as being able to work your Singing calls and have the ability to change figures within the song.

Key Benefits

  • Develop confidence in your calling ability

  • Improve your choreographic skills

  • Learn how to program your dances

  • Acquire the skills necessary to make yourself a more professional caller

Topics of Discussion

  • Timing

  • Mechanics of Choreography

  • Voice/Delivery

  • Smooth Dancing/Body Flow

  • Programming

  • Teaching

  • Music/Rhythm

  • Choreographic Management

  • Ethics/Leadership