Ken has been dancing and calling since 1975. In 1983, after attending numerous callers’ schools with Al Brundage and Earl Johnston from 1975 to 1982, Ken was asked by Al and Earl if he would help them with their school the following year. As a student caller, Ken has learned from such professionals as Jack Lasry, Lee Kopman, Ed Foote, Deuce Williams, Bob Gambell, Clint McLean, Vaughn Parrish, and Jim Mayo along with Al and Earl.

Since 1983, Ken has been instructing callers how to learn the profession of calling. He was on staff with Al and Earl from 1983 to 1992 when he was asked to take over the school. Ken kept this school until 1998.

In 2004, Ken began his own Callers School, the Northeast Callers School in Manchester, New Hampshire. He has had as many as five schools throughout the country in one year.

 Since 1983 continuing through the present, Ken has conducted Callers Clinics around the country, including the Michigan Callers Clinic, the Oklahoma Callers Clinic, the IAGSDC annual Callers School in San Francisco in 1996 as well as clinics in Erie Pennsylvania, and Ottawa, Canada. Recently Ken has conducted clinics for the Rochester Callers Association, the Santa Clara Callers Association and the San Diego Callers Association. Ken is usually on Panel Discussions at the National Convention each year. He has conducted numerous day-long seminars at Callers Associations throughout the country. Ken has conducted several Callers Schools and Clinics in Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic and Russia.

Ken is a member of CALLERLAB and is also a member of the Board of Governors. In 2014, Ken joined the Executive Board of CALLERLAB. He has held several positions as Committee Chairman throughout the years and is currently Vice Chairman of CALLERLAB.

Ken is an Accredited CALLERLAB Caller-Coach, receiving his accreditation in 1991. Among the topics ken specializes in is “Understanding Music and Rhythm,” ‘Salesmanship Skills for Callers,” “How to be Successful in today’s Activity and what makes a successful Caller,” “Programming and Using Professional Judgment While Calling on Stage,” “Understanding Sight Calling and how to be a successful Sight Caller” as well as other topics. Ken calls through the C3B Level and has traveled all over the country as well as Canada and overseas calling for clubs and festivals. He continues to get recognized as a leader and trainer of callers. Ken has trained literally hundreds of callers to call in our activity.  He is available for calling dates throughout the United States and overseas as well as teach at your Association’s clinic or seminar.