The Teaching Instutute

July 26-29, 2018

Location: Olivette Community Center, 9723 Grandview Drive, Olivette, MO

Program times: Starts Thursday, July 26 at 7:00 pm.  School ends at conclusion of Student Dance Sunday night.

Program levels:  Beginner, Intermediate/Experienced

Staff:   Ken Ritucci, Bill Harrison, Harlan Kerr

Cost: $400.00 per student. No charge for spouse/partner.

Lodging:  hotels are located a few miles from the hall.  A lsiting of those facilities will be mailed for your convenience.

Food:  Several local restaurants are available with good food and reasonable prices.

Key Benefits:

  • Develop and Expand  your Calling Skills

  • Increase ability to effectively teach square dance classes for all programs

  • Effective  Class and Lesson Design

  • Teaching for Success--what it takes to have a great class-including the six elements of great teaching

  • Understanding and using teaching strategies for varying learning styles

  • Helpful strategies for struggling students

  • Self evaluation and evaluation of student progress

  • Keeping Classes fun and interesting

  • Ensuring student success and transfer of knowledge to the dance floor

Additional information to be mailed before the start of school recommending dress and essentials, including directions to the hall.  A questionnaire will be sent to better understand your goals prior to the school.

Taping Sessions for your personal use IS allowed, The ability to review can benefit you year round!