Caller Coaches



Bill Harrison


 In 1970Billbeganto start calling and then attended a summer caller's schoolconductedby Mac Parker, thisbeginning a career in calling . In 1985 he decided to make calling his full time profession . Bill hasappeared on NBC's Today Show with Willard Scott . Since 1972 he has been a member ofNCASDLAhis area caller association and CALLERLAB since 1977. Bill is currentlyon the Board ofGovernors of CALLERLAB and and has served for two years on the EC.. Has been past Chairman of the Career Callers Committee, Advanced Quarterly Selection Committee, Vice Chairman of the Advanced Committee and is currently Chairman of the Advanced Committee. Currently serving on the Mainstr eam, Cha llenge , Application Review Committee. Over the past 20 years recording for square dance labels such as Red Boot, Pioneer, Kalox, Lou Mac, JoPat/ ESP and special guest on Global Records and Desert Gold . Bill currently records for ESP records.

Harlan Kerr


Harlan Kerr has been calling Mainstream through C3B since 1987 and is a veteran instructor from 8 calling schools. Harlan is known for his outstanding instructional skill and currently teaches Mainstream, Plus, Advanced C1, and C2 classes. Over the course of his calling career Harlan has taught over 50 Mainstream classes, nearly 60 Plus classes, 27 Advanced classes, 22 C1 classes, 9 C2 classes, 7 C3A classes and 5 C3B classes.


Ken ritucci

Ken has been calling for 39 years and has been teaching callers since 1983. Since the early 90’s, Ken has conducted some of the most successful Callers Schools in the country. He travels all over the United States as well as Europe and Canada, calling and conducting callers Schools and Clinics. He has taught hundreds of callers how to call and has helped them tremendously with their calling careers. Ken calls through the C3B Level and he is knowledgeable in all aspects of calling. Ken is a member of CALLERLAB and is on the Board of Governors. Ken is an Accredited Caller Coach.



Ed Foote has been calling since 1965. He has called throughout the world during his career including Europe and Asia. Ed calls through the C3A program and is the owner and producer of several teaching tapes and books for the Advanced and Challenge Programs. Ed is a full-time traveling caller and has yearly trips to California, New England and Florida. He has conducted numerous Callers Schools and clinics all over the world. He is the former Chairman of the Callerlab Challenge Committee as well as a former member of the Board of Governors. Ed is the recipient of the Milestone Award from Callerlab in 2008. Ed is a Callerlab Accredited Caller Coach.





Todd has been calling for over 40 years and is one of the world’s most prominent Challenge callers. Todd has traveled extensively Nationally and Internationally calling all programs from Basic through C3B. Living in Connecticut, he has been a leader in New England among callers throughout his entire career. His professional calling style has made him a favorite worldwide.  His knowledge of choreography and overall fundamentals of calling will help make you an improved caller. Todd was on staff once before for the Northeast Callers School and we welcome him back.


Ben Close-up (1).jpg

Ben Rubright joins the Caller School staff with a well-known philosophy of fast-moving calling, smooth body motion, and unmistakable "wind-in-your-face" choreography that keeps dancers on their toes from Mainstream through C4.  He spurs dancers on to smooth dancing to the rhythm of the band wherever he calls.

Ben began dancing in the fall of 1976 and soon became fascinated by how a caller could put together material and make a square of dancers move to the beat of the music.  He started experimenting with calling in 1977, and the rest is history!  He strives to put calls together that fit, and his dances always reflect this goal.  He is an accomplished caller, and has been on the staff of various Advanced and Challenge Conventions as well as numerous Festival weekends throughout the US, Japan, and Europe.



Lisa comes from a voice and musical theater background.  She fell in love with musical theater at the age of 15 and started taking voice and acting lessons in the Los Angeles area. She went on to perform in over 40 musicals as well as further her studies in voice and theater.  She has a degree from University of California, San Diego.  She has also gone on to study various vocal teaching techniques to get the most out of her students.

After working in radio for many years, she eventually started her own children and teen musical theater company doing large scale musicals with professional orchestras in Santa Fe, NM called Eldorado Children’s Theatre and Teen Players.  Lisa directed and musical directed all of the musicals as well as taught the students healthy singing, vocal and acting techniques.

She is currently on the faculty at Desert Academy in Santa Fe teaching music, voice, choir, acting and public speaking classes as well as founding and coaching their national award winning speech and debate team.  She has trained and inspired multiple students go on win high level vocal awards and further their studies in voice and theater.

Lisa is also a private voice coach, theater teacher, singer and square dance caller in New Mexico.

Square Dance Bio:

Lisa is the square dance caller for Depot Dancers (Santa Fe, NM), and Hot Chile Steppers (Albuquerque). She calls and teaches Mainstream and Plus.  She is a member of Callerlab, New Mexico Square and Round Dance Association and the Central District of New Mexico.